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Carl Lorusso Jr. Garden of Doubt


Carl Lorusso Jr.’s modern take on classic folk songwriting introduces his deep and characterful leading voice with an air of poetic expression among a blissfully organic ambiance.

Garden Of Doubt is a song that has, by all accounts, something of an Americana twang about it – the story telling reinforces this as every line offers further descriptive details; painting a clearer and more interesting picture as things progress. The melodic development leans in a similar direction, the higher ended start to each line precedes the lower resolve, giving the track the natural rhythm of country rock, without sacrificing any of its integrity or expression in simply attempting to satisfy a single genre. It works beautifully, the song becomes more enjoyable and quite fascinating, in terms of the writing, with each new listen.

There’s a definite hint of Leonard Cohen about Lorusso Jr.’s songwriting and indeed about the sound of his voice. The depth and the emotion, the delicacy and the grit, all work smoothly together to give the story-line a certain weight and authority that leaves you hanging on every moment.

For a song that is so mellow and that lays out such a peaceful soundscape, it all seems to be over and done with in no time at all. There’s a quickness to the lyricism, so many ideas and images and metaphors pour through – hence the increasing affection you’re likely to feel towards it every time you return to press play.

Adding a final flicker of optimism and strength, Lorusso Jr. alternates these melodically full moments with some spacious, instrumentally blessed ones – keeping you interested, and reinforcing the clear fact that a live performance – whether solo-acoustic or with a full band – would be an absolute joy to experience.

Go out and get old and grow used to these
Nights you spend praying from two busted knees…

Spend all night tryin’ to figure it out
Planting seeds in the dirt of this garden of doubt

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