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Cap’n Richie Something Else (Feat. Odilia Carmen)


Cap’n Richie’s approach to music production is one of a distinctly creative and experimental nature. The single Something Else encapsulates this very concept pretty perfectly. Throughout the near four-minute journey, the listener is plunged into this spiraling arena of audio samples and notes and moments. The vocal feature from Odilia Carmen is undoubtedly one of the key threads, but there are many you can pick up on as the track progresses – even among this vast and detailed, ever-changing ambiance, there are elements of character and familiarity that reappear and keep things feeling relevant throughout.

Something Else is a track that drives with its own sense of audio exploration or, as suggested earlier, experimentation the very first time you hear it. The opening moments feel like retro-gaming snippets, taking turns to appear and subsequently vanish before you. As things evolve, particularly once the vocal emerges, a certain growth begins – the layers start to intertwine, the rhythm starts to attempt finding itself; a process that is free-flowing and uncertain in itself, at first. And eventually, the pace and raw energy of the track, in unison with the repetition of that hook and title concept, take over the room in a commanding and confident, infinitely colourful way.

At around two and a half minutes in, things switch to more of a dub-step vibe than the earlier hints of house or progressive EDM may have suggested. This is merely another building block in Cap’n Richie’s creative process. His expression throughout this piece is loaded with unpredictability and simultaneous levels of identity. You recognise his work, you recognise Carmen’s uniquely stylish voice, and you just know you’re in for something with a little more vibrancy and freedom than the average dance offering of today.

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