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Canyons and Locusts Buck Dharma’s Eyes


The nostalgic realness and fuzz of unconfined indie-rock pours through with a welcomed twist of intention – Canyons and Locusts keep things simple yet striking, for the intrigue and anthemic presence of Buck Dharma’s Eyes.

Justin Keane and Amy Young make up Canyons and Locusts, a band uniting melody and distortion amidst a fearlessly topical, poetic and purposeful writing style.

Buck Dharma’s Eyes presents a raw indie rock energy, gritty and live-sounding in its authenticity but mysterious, thoughtful and elusive in its vague though cutting lyrical journey.

There’s a psychedelic rock and roll tone to the presentation, and this runs throughout the lyricism, too – influences spanning way back to the seventies. To then add in the modern rock rasp and power of Justin’s vocals brings things full circle in a way, and gifts Canyons and Locusts a recognizable sound and style all of their own.

Scornful but satisfying, tuneful and unexpectedly joyful – Buck Dharma’s Eyes juxtaposes the darkness of its theme with the outright energy and uplift of this pure rock performance and pace.

Coming in at less than two minutes in full, the single is brief, bold and quite beautiful in its temporary state. Nothing flashy, no filler, nothing but the central sentiment and this subtle ear-worm of a rock chorus to hit with impact. Nicely done.

Download Buck Dharma’s Eyes via Bandcamp.

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