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Caesar Osiris MÁS ALLÁ


Artists who use their creativity to draw attention to important issues, particularly that of our world and our environment, will always have value – perhaps increasingly so at this current time. Caesar Osiris is an artist doing precisely this – showcasing his own creative drive and passion for music, whilst also incorporating a level of depth and awareness into his music that pushes towards a greater collective existence and understanding.

MÁS ALLÁ is a song that brings together elements of world music – the tribal rhythms, the soulful, meandering vocal line – with something of a modern dance-pop vibe; resulting in a piece that reaches out to audiences far and wide with its ideas and a its captivating levels of energy and warmth. Having said all of this though, and considering Osiris’ interest in and connection with the world’s oceans and water in general, the song veers off in a totally unexpected direction as it progresses, keeping your focus perhaps on the fact that this is a deeply creative, expressive artist, with a passion for all that is artistically free and emotionally connective. The accompanying video adds immensely to this underlying aura, as does the instrumental break within the song – just after the half way mark.

MÁS ALLÁ works hard to express its ideas and its relevancy in just about every way, not merely within the lyrical story-line. The dancing, the set-up, the structure, the performances, the overall vibe – everything pushes forwards in unison to create something that you can’t help but pay attention to. Osiris’ every line of melody and every physical movement reflects that of the ocean’s waves. His creative freedom is mesmerising, and the song highlights this in many different ways. A great piece of music and perfect to accompany these summer, often sea-spent days.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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