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Caellus My Dearest, Volume 1


Never one to disapoint, and just in time for the summer; trance mastermind Caellus prepares to release a full length album entitled My Dearest, Volume 1. You can get your hands on the new collection May 14th, make a note of the date – this one’s something special. In the meantime, I’ll embrace it on your behalf.

Even to simply listen to a single track from the World Of Caellus collection is an extraordinary experience. The pure pleasure of a full length album is impossible to put into words – I’ll give it a try, but it may not do the project justice.

My Dearest has something about it that awakens certain emotions in you as you listen. It seems bizarre for the whole thing to have come under the guise of a single artist, you’d expect a collection this loaded to be more of a collaborative project, a best-of-the-genre maybe. Although, when you look at and listen to any of the releases Caellus has been involved with over the past couple of years, it’s difficult to expect anything less than brilliant, and for that brilliance to arrive at scale.

The concept behind the album is a dedication and expression of gratitude to those who matter, those who’ve been there through thick and thin, and those who continue to show their support and love. Each of the tracks on the project has the name of someone as its title, a very personal and human touch that adds a further touch of feeling and passion to the way it’s received. The length of the project is nothing new for this genre, and it makes for an intense and inspiring listening session that will see you through your struggles time and time again as the year unfolds.

The scene set by each of the tracks is unique its own right. Doris Day, for example, opens up in a gentle and dreamlike manner, soon erupting into something explicitly joyful and hopeful; as if this is the moment of change, the moment of acceptance, moving forward, leaving the past where it belongs. Luz Marina (co-written and co-produced by Nathan Red) has a slightly tribal beat to it, thoughts of the dance floor come to mind, the after party, the tiredness and the reflection. The snippets of saxophone are inspired, unexpected, and beautifully atmospheric. The passion behind it adds to the build up the track superbly (a definite highlight).

José De Jesús is a high energy, fast paced piece of music, the perfect choice for those moments where motivation is lacking and your spirits need to be lifted out from the haze. Alexander has a thickness to it that pulls you in almost immediately. The rhythm is fired up, the instrumental choices surround the beat present a slightly haunting string of notes, though the melody throughout is cleverly composed so as to allow you to witness it moving from the dark to the much lighter as the moments pass by.

Susana travels along a similar route of fullness, though the fusion of the hi-hat sound and the world-music inspired instrumentation creates something completely new and exciting. This one offers a massive soundscape within which your mind can wander to any number of occasions and places. The imagery that comes with the audio is intense and, once again, likely to vary and be entirely unique to each of us that hears it. Another personal favourite.

The beautiful Yesenia we wrote about in depth last month, head over and give that one an early listen. Not surprisingly, the same still stands – There is yet to be a release from World Of Caellus that in any way falls below par, and if this latest offering is anything of an indicator, there most probably never will be. Needless to say, the entire collection to be released in a weeks time is a sincere and absolute must-have for fans of the trance, psy-trance or atmospheric EDM genres alike. The orchestral presentation of the tracks within the project is mesmerising, the electronic aspect is a huge part of it, of course, but the skill of the producer somehow overwrites the clear use of a studio and provides listeners with something insanely captivating and surreal. My Dearest, Volume 1 won’t be forgotten about any time soon.

Download music from the World Of Caellus catalogue over on BeatportMy Dearest, Volume 1 will be available on May 14th, you’ll be able to download it for free via The Artist Union Website. Alternatively, head over to iTunes or Amazon. Find and follow World Of Caellus on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram.

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