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C.h.a.m.p Baby Debo / YOLO


Fast-bars, stylish sax fragments and heavy bass-work make up the backdrop to an infectious Baby Debo from rapper C.h.a.m.p. Just one of a plethora of original releases, the single makes for a bold starting point for anyone new to the creative approach and voice of the artist.

‘Change happens at my pace’ makes up the acronym, and the EP YOLO encapsulates the roots of the story to a bold degree.

The title-track opens things up and leads with emotion and poetic reflections on life and the self. Contrasting the lightness and simple fun of Baby Debo, YOLO showcases the depths of the artist’s writing, the truth of his come-up, his struggle and journey, and also adopts a completely different flow for clear versatility.

Nights Like These (Feat. Vick) is a musical highlight, soulful tones create a nostalgic, appropriately late-night mood and nearly whispered vocals proceed to keep things constant and intimate. The rhythm is subtle yet addictive, and the music has the strength of a yesteryear classic, organic and crisp, intertwined with a fresh storyline.

With The Shits gets a little more classic hip hop with its simplicity and haunting soundscape. The vocal too switches things up a few notches throughout the mix. Beeper takes this even further and we get an almost theatrical performance that meanders confidently.

Closing things down is an absolute highlight, the melodic and deeply personal, short-lined and simple yet striking PTSD. Cleanly crafted, showcasing vulnerability and truth in a bold and beautiful way, the track shines light on a whole other side to C.h.a.m.p.

An interesting choice for the final track, but ultimately strong enough to really elevate things even at this late-stage hurdle. The entire EP sounds a little more poignant and meaningful after having delved into this one. Really well written and delivered.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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