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Byron’s Brigades Runaway


High-energy blues-rock and unmistakable melodic appeal uplifts and energizes, as indie’s devoted producer Byron’s Brigades reignites the classic groove and appeal of Del Shannon’s Runaway.

Increasingly renowned for their unexpected yet instantly likable covers, Byron’s Brigades explore an instant classic this season – the blues guitar and live drums, the bass, distortion and passionate vocal tremor, all presents a fine balance between the familiar and the fresh. Weave in clarity of production and the live rock, full band warmth of the sound, and Runaway raises the mood in an instant.

Rather faultless in its portrayal of this timeless hit, everything from the guitar playing to the leading performance and clear unity between layers, particularly during those breakdown moments and the drop back into bass-led confidence and energy, all draws focus to the talent and enjoyment Byron’s Brigades consistently deliver.

Always a pleasure, and massive thanks to Byron’s Brigades for reminding us both of their unrivaled ability as a contemporary live act, and the stylish and conceptual brilliance of Runaway.

Byron’s Brigades also recently announced the launch of a home studio, Third Eye Music Studio, and now offer top-quality recording, mixing and mastering services to other artists.

Download or stream Runaway. Find Byron’s Brigades on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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