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Byron’s Brigades Every 1’s a Winner


The iconic indie legends of creative rock covers return this summer with a sensational take on a timeless Hot Chocolate track.

Byron’s Brigades bring through the classic electrified energy of Every 1’s a Winner in a quickly uplifting fashion, and even provide the perfect vocals and intonation to really make this feel like a thoughtful ode to the original.

Strong riffs, unmistakable melodies, an anthemic hit but one that admittedly doesn’t reappear all that often anymore. This song is not played on radio all that often, not openly celebrated in the way that some past anthems are, but from listening to this original take on it – that’s a fact that should absolutely change.

Byron’s Brigades have injected fresh life into this piece of music and performance, delivering those intoxicating guitars, the distortion, the passion and quickness, with an air of this being its own beast entirely.

If you’re looking for the perfect track to celebrate your own lust for life this summer, or even to balance out your losses during the euros or whatever sporting event your team is struggling at, Every 1’s a Winner will help you shake off the blues in an instant.

I’m always impressed by the song choices and effort of Byron’s Brigades when they bring out the big guns on the cover front, but this seems to reach a whole new level.

Produced and mixed exclusively by Andrea Biron, soon to be officially certified as a mixing engineer, the release is beautifully captured, with an uplifting and colourful video to match. Turn this up loud for the summer.

Download or stream Every 1’s a Winner. Find Byron’s Brigades on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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