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By Aim Some Kind Of Voodoo (The Remedy)


Rock trio By Aim launched their brand new album just last month, a project that introduces their classic hard-rock sound in a quickly energizing and stylish manner.

Some Kind Of Voodoo opens up the playlist and kicks things off with a bang, seeing the band fuse a structurally complex and somewhat grunge-like aura with a melodic development and leading vocal that feel way more prog-rock and performance-based than anything else.

You soon come to realise the band have a certain sound and style of their own right now. Engaging and poetic songwriting connects with a passionate and easily recognizable, characterful voice, to offer up a soundscape and audio experience that’s a pleasure to turn up loud and get lost within. At the same time, the musicianship throughout is stunning – something that continues to stand tall as The Remedy in full progresses. The band clearly drive with a shared love for the music they make, for the strength and quickness of rock guitar work, for distortion and melody united.

There’s an element of nostalgia to the songs on this project, but nothing directly comparable comes to mind – there’s a deep-running sense of creativity that sees everything from structural shifts to a changing pace pour through in an artistic and compelling manner. In the same instance, this opening song has an undoubtedly anthem-like quality to its hook – a huge moment that would likely draw high energy levels from the crowd at a live show.

The Remedy offers all of this and more, right the way through – Carry Me Home is a definite highlight for its emotional weight and togetherness. Thankfully rock music is well and truly returning to the passionate, skillful escapism of its roots, and By Aim are clearly set to play a part in that.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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