Buttercream 87 - Living Festival (He Loved It All) Feat. D.Ni.L - Stereo Stickman

Buttercream 87 Living Festival (He Loved It All) Feat. D.Ni.L


Living Festival (He Loved It All) is a fairly unexpected sort of release right now. Throughout the entire four minute experience your mind takes on something of a retro festival vibe, within which everything from the soundscape to the structure, the development, the melodies, the performances – creates around you this notably colourful yet contrastingly gentle whirlwind of audio. The idea of a gentle whirlwind isn’t something you tend to come across, but in this case I think it describes the song well. You find yourself captivated by the various evolving moments of the song – from the opening ambiance, to the first vocal part, to the second, to the chord progressions, to the samples and effects chosen.

The song’s concept is an important part of this process, as its aim, essentially, is to inspire you to live a little more freely. This idea of being a living festival is something often neglected or avoided in modern life – there’s so much to take seriously, to work hard for (rightly so), but it’s equally important to soak up every second of this beautiful journey. You never know when it could all come to an end, but even without that – there’s so much colour and wonder and brilliance to witness and experience and be a part of. I think this song successfully gets you thinking about all of this.

The track is a fairly retro, even vintage approach to dance-meets-pop. The soundscape offers up delicate escapism, the smoothness of electronica, alongside of intriguing story telling and a prominently characterful leading voice. The two sections to the song don’t fall into the standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus set-up, they actually feel like two different songs, in a way – further enhancing that whole festival feel. It represents well the concept at its core.

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