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Bust-Up Caution (Beyond Borders)


Freshly released from the full-length project Beyond Borders, Germany’s Bust-Up delivers a retro electronic groove of synths, strings and tribal rhythms combined, in the form of a hypnotic and uniquely creative Caution.

Introducing the old school style of the producer’s work on a subtly memorable high, Caution delivers a single rise and fall progression, which persists throughout the softly changing energy and layers of the post-four-minute piece for that quickly meditative quality.

Offering a somewhat humble yet recognisable thread and rhythm, the track showcases the work of Bust-Up in a likeable way. Effective as its own ambiance but with the clear potential for artist collaboration, the beat is self-contained yet also ready and waiting for a rider – a rap verse of rising emotion and intensity.

Timeless by nature but loaded with minor hints of identity for a rare and refreshing edge of personality, Caution underlines a love for the genres of hip hop and old school rap, with a notable degree of creative freedom intertwined.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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