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Bunny Sigler White Christmas


Bunny Sigler’s remix of White Christmas is a fresh yet nostalgically mellow take on an absolute classic. From the very start, the song sounds completely different to the original version; the artist has borrowed the hook and the concept, and fused these with a very chilled out, jazz inspired piece of music that is fairly guaranteed to make you feel the joy of the season.

Bunny Sigler’s musical style features a wave of soft jazz with delightful moments of funk, particularly in the way the instruments dip in and out of the mix. The guitar sound on this particular track is really smooth and stylish, and on top of this, the vocals and harmonies providing the melody breathe so much life and enjoyment into the whole song. It’s definitely an original sounding take on a track that we all know so well. It sounds brand new somehow – the relaxed and calming atmosphere given off by the original has been maintained, perhaps even enhanced, but there’s also a whole lot more to enjoy outside of the melody and the lyrics.

The rhythm of the music is wonderful. The voices provide a smooth and soulful warmth, and the gentle way in which the keys and the guitars have been played reinforces the calmness even more so. There’s even a clear bit of creativity within the structure of the mix – the music progresses as you listen, soon evolving into something a little more energetic, before calming right back down again for the classic and nostalgic sound of the outro. If you weren’t yet ready to sit back and enjoy a cosy evening indoors, by the fire, with some mulled wine, you almost definitely will be after listening to this. A lovely way to kick off the Christmas season.

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