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Bunny Sigler Till I See You Again


After the joy of his Christmas release it’s a pleasure to hear something new from the one and only Bunny Sigler. Till I See You Again is a gentle and warm hearted ballad with a very classic and emotional presentation to it. The accompanying video of course adds so much to the way in which the music is received, the sadness behind the lyrics and the concept is clear, the images chosen for the visual bring about certain ideas, but the song itself has a beauty and honesty about it that stands alone, in its own right, as something very meaningful and open.

The use of the piano as the leading instrument in the backdrop creates a very organic sound, and furthermore, it leaves plenty of space surrounding it within which the artist’s soulful and easy to listen to vocal performance can really shine brightly. The whole song has a minimal and even vintage feel to it, reminiscent perhaps of r&b ballads from the nineties, but with the crisp and satisfying finish of a modern recording.

The lyrics of the song are clearly very personal and mean something very real to the songwriter, yet the great thing about lyrics like this is that they relate to their audience, they make sense and hopefully connect with anyone who hears them. The melody chosen to deliver these lines, throughout the verses and the chorus section, is subtle yet effective in really passing on that emotional energy. There’s a sadness, of course, but there’s also a lot of optimism and hope within the song. The concept of dedication, of real love, of there being nothing to worry about in the spaces between being together – it’s comforting, and Bunny Sigler expresses it in a very genuine way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

4 responses to “Bunny Sigler – Till I See You Again

  1. Wow, I just got the news about Bunny! I’m very sad and disappointed. I was hoping to write with him again. I spoke with him about a year ago. I wrote “TIL I SEE YOU AGAIN” with him.
    I was also sad to hear that I was “the late Marvin Morrow”. Lol.
    We also wrote “GIVE MY LOVE TO THE LADIES”, for the O’Jays, “TIGHT FIT” for Chaka Khan, and a number of unrecorded songs.
    I. Truly sad that he’s gone. The man was a genius, and one of if not my favorite collaborator. He was so natural.
    He is missed.
    Sending much love to his family!
    Love you Bundino!

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