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Brutu Music & Xavier Clayton High High High


Featuring rhythmic vocals from rising artist Xavier Clayton, Brutu Music returns this season with a bass-heavy groove and catchy hook melody fit to light up the airwaves in style.

Conceptually poetic with its short lines and imagery to set the scene, High High High feels like a retro dance-pop hit with vintage synth-play and a gamer-style bounce about it.

Weave in the subtly characterful vocal, lightly effected for a mildly robotic or Daft Punk air of sound-play, and the completed track moves along with a dreamy kind of lightness and inspiring air of positivity.

Driving with a fine balance between creative flair and the simple satisfaction of electro-pop, High High High offers optimism aplenty – a certain timeless quality for a go-to listen that lifts the mood. The feature from Xavier helps elevate things all the more so, thanks to his growing popularity and clear passion for expression and performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “Brutu Music & Xavier Clayton – High High High

  1. This is Xavier Clayton,

    Thank you Ms. Cullen for this great review… and for your amazing website!

    We’ve got two more songs coming down the pipeline : “Drowning” and “Again”. Both dance-electro and radio oriented tracks! Can’t wait!!!

    I’d like to have the opportunity to do an interview with you or with someone at steroestickman. I think your audience would be very surprised that I have a successful background writing world hits for other artists – including David Guetta (The World is Mine), Chab (Closer To Me), and 2 Unlimited (Tribal Dance). All number one pop and/or club hits.

    You, your team, and your audience would also be surprised that I am also a published author… and that one of the reasons i am writing hits today is to help promote my books.

    Thank you again for this review.
    Let’s hook up an interview at your earliest convenience!!

    Kind regards,

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