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Brutu Music Love Ain’t Free (Feat. Danni Giddings)


Something a little different from the Brutu Music corner, blending a heavy soundscape of theatrical origins with a blissfully soulful RnB vocal from Danni Giddings – Love Ain’t Free almost feels like two songs in one, but ultimately paves the way for a more creative, expressive and immersive pop realm of tomorrow.

Structurally on point, Love Ain’t Free leads with a likeable introduction but resolves with greatness as the hook sees the music and vocal unite for a clear display of brightness and confidence.

The whole mood shifts, elevates the energy of the room, and uplifts its audience in the process. The moment is brief, but soon we’re back to the swagger and empowerment of the verses, and slowly but surely we connect with the bold and beautiful undertones of the writing.

Brilliantly unique, memorable, and increasingly addictive as it progresses through an artistically tumultuous yet satisfying lifespan. Free from the confines of expectation, Love Ain’t Free delivers purpose and professionalism intertwined with a clear sense of identity and music that reinforces the meaning of the song.

Things keep getting more and more interesting with Brutu Music, and this single marks a defiant introduction to Danni Giddings.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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