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Brother Jon Band Be On Time


The Brother Jon Band sound is always a pleasure to write about – the warmth of the music, the passion and skill showcased in the instrumentation and the leading vocals, the melodies – it all just works, it fits and brightens up your day. Be On Time is no exception, the opening verse presents that organic musicality and the emotionally vibrant voice that drives the song’s story-line with subtle strength. The higher notes of the first part of the verse start things off boldly, then the slip down to the lower moments pave the way for the harmonica – a brilliant touch that always adds so much realness to a release.

After the set-up, you’re lost in the soft-rock, Americana feel of it all – the energy, the good vibes. Listen on and maybe a second and third time though, that hook is left with you for quite some time – it’s a simple gathering of notes, descending slightly again, leaving a small void at the end of the line to make sure your mind has absorbed it. Then of course, the more you think about those words, the more the story-line intrigues you – all of the details you may have missed the first time around, thanks to a beautifully authentic soundscape; you want to dig a little deeper now.

Brother Jon Band undoubtedly have that brightness and level of unified skill to perform and make your night out one to embrace and remember. On top of this though, they put a little character into their songwriting, simple but effective choices both lyrically and melodically have the effect of making you really want to take home an album or playlist of their work to date. This single is a total joy, particularly first thing in the morning – it sets the mood right, and it makes sure you’re not late. What a combo.

Be On Time is from the project Open Jam. Find & follow Brother Jon Band on Facebook & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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