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Brian Field Vocal Works


Composer and artist Brian Field collaborates with the Budapest Chorus and conductor Martón Tóth to ignite his latest collection of originals under the album title Vocal Works.

Given his eclectic career to date, the new project rightfully captures affection from the outset, as these meandering melodies of various tones and depths collide and connect, raining down to captivate and uplift in a beautiful way.

By and By opens things up with a powerful sense of euphoric and emotive embrace, which feels much more impactful than a purely vocal arrangement might otherwise imply.

Wonderfully unique in progression and presentation, the performances throughout Vocal Works meet the originality of the compositions to elevate the moment and indeed the audience in an impressively lasting manner. Even with purely the voice as a guiding light for the most part, the versatility and diversity is superb.

3 Canciones de Amor follows the opener and takes us into dramatic theatrical realms, with deeper tones, striking horns and chaotic strings all uniting for an immersive, compelling listen. The three parts to this piece make up a noteworthy corner of the album, varying in passion and detail for a different emotional response in every case.

Conceptual poignancy plays a roll as one of the project’s most moving compositions rains down. Let’s Build a Wall! (An American Satire) again takes to theatrics and prompts interest in a visual live delivery. An anthem of topical relevance, cleverly blending humour and deeply heartfelt musicalities throughout mellow verses and the joyful bounce of a juxtaposed hook. Naturally the album’s most memorable piece for its mainstream simplicities.

Other highlights include the purely voice-built Let The Light Shine On Me, memorable again and blissfully uplifting when listened to at volume. Once more, the live experience calls out, but the recording is so faultlessly captured that it works just as well to translate Field’s ideas and melodies in the space between.

The simplicity and space of Chimneys No. 1 also follows on with intrigue and creative unpredictability, and here we delve into six parts of the story, freely expressive and powerfully captivating as the whole thing evolves and peaks in both drama and delicacy intermittently.

Undoubtedly a creative of our time with a fearless approach and limitless degrees of skill regarding composition, musicianship, and arrangement – Brian Field excels himself throughout this engaging new project.

Grab the album Vocal Works here. Check out Brian Field on Facebook or his Website.

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