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Brey Getaway Car


Leading with unique sound design and a simple yet satisfying manner of song-writing, Getaway Car is the new single from Florida artist Brey, and it’s quick to leave its mark.

Co-written and produced by the one and only Jerad Fink (BLAZAR), the song stylishly balances delicate vocals alongside fuzz-soaked bass and a fast-paced rhythm. It injects a high-energy vibe whilst also providing a calm wash of softness and comfort in the concept and presentation.

Brey’s vocals suits the mood and changing stages of this track beautifully. As the soundscape envelops listeners, surrounding them with heavy bass-work and multiple layers yet still plenty of cleverly incorporated space, the voice pours through as a clear guiding light – and this is without excessive effects or shouting. Brey keeps things gentle, confident, and details the getaway in a likeable, strangely relatable, and believable manner.

An easy hit, timeless in style and yet considerably refreshing amidst the current pop landscape. Coming in at a short and sweet two-minutes-forty, the entire arrangement consistently remains in keeping with the underlying intentions and mood of the track. Really nicely done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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