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BRDN Sear Me


Every once in a while, an original song comes along that takes you to such a new place of contemplation and feeling, that it becomes close to impossible to analyse or explain the reasons behind it. BRDN’s Sear Me appears to posses exactly that quality.

There’s something increasingly enchanting, intriguing and moving about Sear Me, despite its unorthodox fusing of intricacies and the somewhat mysterious nature of the lyrics.

Perhaps it’s the resolve to the melancholic yet satisfying allure of ‘This house is a crypt now, the streets are my cage…’. Perhaps it’s the depth of the poetic reflection in unison with the retro electronic embrace of the production. Maybe it’s the subtle passion and tremble of BRDN’s guiding voice. In reality though, it’s all of these things intertwined – a perfect chemistry of expression that’s both unusual yet unignorable.

Stylistically I’m reminded briefly of the likes of Anohni as much so as James Blake, and then even the more organic electronic-rock work of bands spanning as far back as Depeche Mode. Ultimately, BRDN delivers an artistic sound of his own, meandering through these considerations and uncertainties with poignancy; with something like complexity and simplicity walking hand in hand.

Beautifully hypnotic, addictive to let play and loop out around you. Well-worth hearing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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