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BraZilHilL In A Minute


A thick and mighty bass-line bounces through to pave the way for this latest single from artist and songwriter BraZilHilL. On top of what is a gorgeously colourful and partly organic soundscape, the artist offers up a beautifully uplifting melody-line that’s surprisingly refreshing and addictive all at once. That general flow of notes leaves its mark almost instantly, leaving you singing along way before you even reach the halfway mark.

In addition to the likable groove of the music, the song’s concept offers a fine balance between personal truth and a generally accessible level of positivity that’s set to inspire and calm even the most isolated of listeners. BraZilHilL seems genuinely lost in the moment throughout the recording – whether her performance leans towards melody or something a little more hip hop inspired, the artist carries the bar well and makes certain to hold your affection without screaming out for views or throwing in anything irrelevant just to add volume. On the contrary, there’s an enjoyable humbleness to the way the whole thing flows. That vocal delivery is unwavering, skillful and naturally at one with the movement of the music.

BraZilHilL has presented audiences with a classic pop track, one that’s easily memorable and yet that also mixes in plenty of alternative vibes to present a simultaneously cool aura – it feels laid back, authentic, and the soundscape and the vocal style all work beautifully together. A great track to warm up the end of these winter months, and indeed to turn back to as the spring and summer seasons begin to emerge. An impressive artist with a natural connection to the genre and to performance on the whole. Well worth a listen and I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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