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Boris Jelic Half God Half Devil


The opening, rising piano riff from this new EP creates an immediately haunting, hypnotic aura that effectively represents the incoming angst and creativity combined that make up much of the project.

Boris Jelic’s aptly titled Half God Half Devil stylishly blends elements of electronic rock with hip hop in a quickly unsettled yet satisfying and memorable fashion, and Queen Of Self Destruction is all of this, kicking things off well.

A lyrically open, unafraid artist, Jelic showcases a decidedly uninhibited approach to making music – both style-wise and in terms of his subject matter and performance styles.

As we move into the title track, the vibe is entirely different, yet this multi-layered, fuzz-kissed finish and that vocal remain clear characteristics or threads throughout his work. Here we have a funk-soaked, EDM style soundscape, and a more upbeat sort of vocal melody and rhythm. The added female voice contrasts well with the grit and personality of the main line, and the whole thing ends up feeling rightfully like a mid-album alt-pop gem from a simpler time.

Finishing up this trio of originals is another unexpectedly eclectic piece. Youth sees Jelic revert to that state of mind in which he contemplates being fucked up, reflecting on the self and the role of the individual in this world; the thoughts and feelings that try so hard to control us.

The soundscape is a little more spacious and mellow initially, the melody almost rap like, uncertain in itself but relevantly connected to this theme of disarray and frustration. Then you get the ultimate drop to the hook, the passion intensifies, the volume kicks in, and as the second verse falls into place and society begins to take the blame, the concept seems to stand a little more taller as you anticipate that second drop into weight and power.

Undoubtedly a unique project, uniting a little Rob Zombie with a more alternative hip hop flavour that’s essentially something Boris Jelic has to himself right now. It’s music for the deep thinkers and those who need something that screams out on their behalf, relieving them of the stress and strain of contemporary life.

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