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bm79- Still Looking To The Sky


bm79’s music comes through with the distinctly authentic weight and fuzz of classic indie-rock. Still Looking To The Sky is a notably heavy track that draws your focus more towards the rhythm and pace of the music than to the leading vocal. The melody line arrives soaked in reverb and distance, making it appear much further away than a more intimate recording would – which, on reflection, makes a lot of sense in this setting. It suggests that the lyrics are less crucial in the expression, you hardly notice the effect after a few moments, so the leading melody captivates for its instrumental role – its unity with everything around it.

As stated, that independent rock aura is alive and kicking here. The progression of the chords, the distortion, the distance – despite the melody’s inherent ability to suggest depth and passion – you can feel the emotion of the piece from the overall energy of it. The artistry is what creates the vibe, much more than the simple application of specific lyrics that don’t allow any room for the imagination to get involved. In this case, the music is yours and yours alone as you listen.

The mood has the nostalgic power of nineties or noughties distorted rock. The structural changes keep things interesting and bring about that necessary level of creativity. As unusual as the sound may be among today’s music world, the character of it is undeniable. The sound is unique and memorable. You’d recognise the track in an instant once you’d listened even just once. Fans of rock and rhythm and emotional musicianship are likely to connect with it for all of these reasons and more. Hopefully there are further releases to come from bm79 to help build up that catalogue or playlist of familiar songs.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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