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Blvr Another Thought


Ethereal origins guide us through an increasingly hypnotic realm, as purity of musicianship meets with euphoric electronic embrace, for Blvr’s powerful single Another Thought.

Raining down for just over four minutes, Another Thought makes fine use of intricate sound-design alongside the simplicity of a piano-led melody that rises and falls. Weave in a seductively evolving rhythm and pace, for that elated fullness of synths and details united at the peak, and the completed track takes full command of the space within which it plays.

Carefully walking the line between memorable melodic craftwork and the otherwise provocative, unpredictable warmth of ambient escapism, Another Thought makes sure to bless listeners with their own sense of calm, whilst leaving a subtle earworm of a tune lingering when all is said and done. That balance is beautifully mastered, showcasing a producer with a fine ear for writing effective musical progressions – and a strong ability to arrange that in a wholly engaging manner.

In short, Another Thought is gorgeously impactful when listened to at volume, and quickly begs for a replay once the silence ensues afterwards. Blvr has sunk his teeth into a fine niche of a creative corner, blending nostalgic dance tones and contemporary freshness in a subtle yet enjoyable way. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to follow.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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