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Even having been a fan of January’s Never Restthis EP from Blvff offers so much that pleasantly surprises and consistently creates around you a professional and mildly nostalgic hip hop vibe that’s easy to get into.

Blvff brings together smooth and stylish musicality with a distinctly independent rap style – the flow and the lyrics, the story-telling – this four track collection in full works hard to impress and captivate, as well as making sure to be that good vibe, that energy and escapism we originally turn to music for. There are a couple of moments that absolutely stand out and set in stone the fact that you’ll be turning back to these tracks again and again throughout the rest of 2018. Really though, the EP is a short and sure-fire must in its entirety.

Heat starts things up with a gradually emerging ambiance and a classically rhythmic vocal-line that seems to fit the sound of today pretty well. Following this is Blvff’s rap flow, exploding into fire from the offset – the speed, the personality, the determination. This track is beautiful at its core, inspiring and pushing for positive influence in a stunning way. You get a good feel for the project early on and Blvff’s approach to creativity and the values he brings to it are laid out in plain sight, and they’re undeniably something we need more of in modern music. The passion of the piece increases more and more so while the beat holds tight to that calming aura. The contrast works well, and things continue to shine brightly from here on in.

Better Off Now takes a piano-led jazz vibe and backs up Blvff’s sentiments in a blissfully smooth way. The track stands out for its chilled energy and the delicacy with which the performance is put forth. The melodic moments and the rapped ones alike offer a certain calmness that fits perfectly with the mood set by the music.

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You know you got my full respect, I – never care about fame and glory; give it to the next guy..

Face Value is a personal favourite from this project, the beat just works beautifully, in a fairly minimalist way, and on top of it the lyrics pour through with passion and truth and inspiring ideas that seek to uplift and motivate in a powerful way. You feel as if it’s a song for the artist and the listener alike, so it involves you in the process – it bridges the gap. In fairness though, the project’s title track is also an easy contender for the top-spot – the passion and the personal touch continue to grab you as the playlist approaches its final moments.

Middle Country is a musically beautifully track with elements of jazz, soul, and hip hop combined in a totally immersive and memorable way. At the final hurdle, Blvff showcases his absolute passion for (and connection to) creativity and music. The fade out towards the end brings through a stunning guitar solo that lets you sit back and vibe and appreciate the music that’s been made. Then you get the beauty of those final melodic moments, the vocal harmonies, the Maggie Glassman feature, the togetherness, the repetition of I Try.. The rap rhythm reminded me briefly of Eminem’s Soldier at one point, but musically this piece is far from comparable to anything at all. It just fits, it’s addictively complete and satisfying and energizing – the perfect way to end this short collection.

Honestly, Middle Country as an EP is incredibly easy to have play on repeat for the best part of an hour or so. Any of these tracks work well as they appear in your longer playlist at just about any time. The ideas have depth, the performance is professional and skillful, and the music in general just makes you feel great. An easy must.

Download or stream the EP here. Find & follow Blvff on Facebook & Instagram.

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