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Blvff Mad Summer (Prod. Donato)


You know you’re in good hands when Blvff offers up something new. In this case, somehow the standard has been re-set even higher.

A single that lyrically impresses more and more so with every bar, Mad Summer reignites the smart side of contemporary hip hop, blending the classic confidence and story-telling of the genre, with a soulful soundscape, and a hook that quickly connects as an anthem for summer 2020.

Mad Summer highlights the best of the artist at work, in my opinion. There’s a story in play, an intention that’s never strayed from, and this conviction and dedication to the moment allows the track to fully immerse and captivate listeners in the way that only heartfelt, intelligent hip hop truly can.

At the same time, there’s nothing overly flashy or attention-grabbing about Blvff’s style – no volume or filler necessary, the music just stands tall on the natural rhythm and flow of the performance; and the compelling manner in which he lays out the details of the concept. Every bar feels fresh, relevant, and paves the way brilliantly towards the ultimate drop to a classic and timeless hook.

Referencing contemporary life and the issues society faces, the set-up and system, the bad decisions and the differences between those who take steps towards a better life and those who simply accept a bad situation. There’s a nostalgic, somewhat legendary air of depth to this single. Undoubtedly one for the long term playlist.


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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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