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Blunt Objects Shady Shadows


Homemade indie escapism promises reflective human sentiments, canned vocals and dreamy production, as Blunt Objects deliver the immersive and creative album Shady Shadows.

My Best Friend introduces the sound and collection, a multi-layered dream-pop arrangement with accessible vocals lightly mixed in – contemplative and personal, in line with building a lasting connection amidst an otherwise ambient soundscape.

Things continue in this manner, an Eel’s-esque writing style and vocal humility somewhat contrasting a fully-loaded synth-pop production approach, for a style that feels both unpredictable and deeply-rooted in its poetic conviction. Lyrically I’m Going To Hell is a fine example and an easy highlight.

In line with the implications of its title, Uphill Climb presents a brightness of design with a treacherous progression through dance and electro-pop layers and lyrical observations. A touch of sixties-inspired melodic work emerges, a little Bowie-like with a dash of The Doors – followed effectively by a lower-toned Johnny Cash vocal tone for the haunting and provocative Time.

With Picturesque Decay, we’re all the more intrigued and provoked to consider these reflections – all the while a gamer-style backdrop rains down, again juxtaposing the depth and implied darkness of the words.

For She’s Going Away the feeling continues, before the sudden simplicity and space of Where Do You Go relieves the weight of elsewhere, for a quietly thoughtful, melodically alluring stand-out. Lyrically concise, musically mellow – a personal favourite, and a definite strength in expression, poetry and mood.

Need To Be proves equally gripping in its honesty and short lines, as well as this organic indie rock set-up that seems again stripped-back in light of what came before. Falling Apart then wraps things up with further specifics and another touch of Bowie-style ethereal marvel.

Far from classic songwriting, almost like an intoxicating stream of consciousness at times, Shady Shadows presents a multitude of instruments and details, alongside a plethora of musings from the perspective of a modern mind enthralled in wonder. The lyrics are quietly presented, but ultimately deliver a world of ideas that beautifully capture specific moments and images in time.

Releasing March 23rd on all platforms. Visit the Blunt Objects Website or Bandcamp to find out more about creative Bill Owens & this project. Follow on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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