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Blue Honey 2 Track EP


For a sound that at first implies a gentle, acoustic, even whispered set of moments may be approaching, Blue Honey’s songs soon take a surprising turn for the far more soulful. More often than not, the music evolves into something hugely passionate and gritty. Their latest offering – a modest two track EP – hits with intense impact for a number of different reasons.

Angels Come Home has this extremely tender and folk-ballad-like introduction, the imagery featured in the opening verses further hints at this folk songwriter influence, but before long, before you even get a chance to form any solid predictions – anything you may have been expecting is completely blown out of the water. What emerges is a song with a huge build up, a notably varied array of instrumentation, a powerful structure that leads to the delivery of a superb hook section, and furthermore, the duo’s voices offer so much more than the average vocal pairing tends to.

There’s an edge of rock and soul to their performances. The voices do harmonise throughout, but the focus isn’t upon this as some gentle, romantic element. They both perform with an insane amount of power, the sound is dramatic and big and each works so stylishly alongside of the other. The grit and the realness is beautiful, and the effect of the song is multiplied due to these performances and this inherent, undeniable passion.

Hurts Just The Same has a more melancholy mood to it, though the music is as a big as the previous track, the intensity is ever present, and the artists’ individual verse performances are just loaded with real emotion and skill. This song has a fantastic melody, the verses are intricate and unique in a really special way, but the hook is so simple and instantly effective. The back and forth between the two voices as the track approaches its immense climax adds further to the drama and the overall epic feel of the music.

Both artists possess a tremendous amount of talent, and together – the power and passion is amplified to a striking level. These songs they have written together showcase a beautiful collaboration that most listeners will be incredibly grateful for. It’s a blessing that they met, and a further one that they have poured their souls into this creative output and shared it with the world. The instrumentation alone is infectious and mesmerising, but the lyrics, melodies, and voices provide a further level of brilliance that takes the whole sound up a few dozen levels.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Wow, really love this new music by Blue Honey. Incredible sound! Really a nice article.

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