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Blue Apollo Circles


Circles is a beautiful song, bright and colourful instrumentally, melodically uplifting and lyrically heartfelt. Blue Apollo bring the strength of considerate songwriting and a smart sense of craftsmanship when it comes to creating and maintaining a certain mood that all at once draws emotion and induces a sense of calm. Circles is a great introduction to the band, and a wonderful way to see in the colder season.

Blue Apollo’s sound is well honed. Their musicianship takes inspiration from the best of the indie-pop world, their songwriting showcases real emotion in a poetic and interesting way, and the style in which this particular release has been composed and completed adds a definite warmth and a finish that is easy to get lost in.

The sound is substantially nostalgic, a very classic style of writing. Circles is a powerful ballad that fuses the grandness of the piano sound with the delicacy of the vocals and the vibrancy of the beat in an all encompassing manner. You can feel what the song means to the singer, and you can tell from the recording and from the accompanying video that a live performance is likely to come through with just as much emotional honesty, if not even more, and all in all the experience is deeply genuine and captivating to witness.

The great thing about a song like this is that it’s foundation is undeniably solid. The effort and skill that has gone into making the record has resulted in a reliable, go-to single that in fact gets better and better the more you hear it. It grows closer to you each time you press play, as many of the world’s greatest hits tend to do. That connection between the singer and the song starts to come second to the one between the listener and the song, and that’s a powerful thing – and a wonderful gift.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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