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Blow_Flyy For The Love


It’s all for the love of music..

For The Love is a beautiful track, a great starting point for audiences first discovering Blow_Flyy or generally looking for something fresh, loaded with good vibes and positivity.

It’s a short recording, less than two minutes; short and effective enough to leave you wanting much more. The musical backdrop is peaceful, ambient, easy to get into. The artist’s leading voice floats by alongside of this with a quiet confidence. His tone of voice is soft yet serious, driven, a calm kind of passion. The lyrics are presented with a gentle spoken word style that makes it easy to follow and settles you down sweetly after a long day. It’ emotional, but not overwhelmingly so, and never too personal that it doesn’t connect.

The imagery is strong from the start, lyrically speaking; the essence of opportunity unfolds around you, an air of possibility, of travel – a hopeful enthusiasm for the future. This positive energy almost immediately passes on to you as you listen to the track, and the easy going vibe of the music makes everything feel like it will be OK. This combination of elements is a great way to draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more.

The lyrics make you want to travel, explore the world, live life to the fullest while you’re here. The artist’s honesty is compelling. There are moments of personal drive and reaching for goals, which lets you get a little closer to the thought process and character behind it all, yet for the most part there are extensive moments of oneness – inclusivity, the feelings we all can feel, the dreams we all can have. It’s simplistic yet powerful, and, as mentioned, the energy the track gives off is so chilled that the feeling transfers to you almost instantly when you press play.

The related album Born To Dream is a great way to follow up this taster of what Blow_Flyy has to offer as an artist. The music is calm and fresh and reliable – you can hope for the best kind of vibes, the confident performance, the quirky and inventive lyricism, and you’ll never be disappointed.

Stay focused, the truth hurts, I know.. 

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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