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Blood & Grind Finger on the Trigger


Introducing an explosive rock anthem of unavoidably infectious presence, Blood & Grind is the brand new project from singer and songwriter Matthias Kobold, and Finger on the Trigger is a mighty debut that’s as gritty and bold as it is rhythmically and melodically memorable.

Bringing together the talents of Kobold with those of guitarist and bass player Johannes Landsiedl and drummer Max Kment, Blood & Grind showcases a stunning musical set-up – cascading guitars, powerful drums, and a production-style that allows each of these elements, and the upfront passion and rasp of that vocal, to really reach out and grab the listener.

Stylishly blending the qualities of alternative appeal and hooky mainstream writing, Finger on the Trigger is a song of self-acceptance at its core. ‘It’s ok to be strange, it’s ok to change the rules of the game’ – these lines resound beautifully after the weight and passion of the previous sections.

Then we delve back into a progressive rock structure that’s both seductive and impactful in utilising contrast for the sheer crash and uplifting chaos of authentic heavy music.

Poetic as ever, the new project underlines the very best of the focus and talent that Vienna’s Kobold consistently brings to indie music.

Professionally crafted, a timeless hit that calls out for volume and repeated visits for escapism, Finger on the Trigger creates a lasting impression. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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