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Blackmyth Good Morning Odessa (Feat Roman Kharkovsky)


Taking things in a totally different direction, Roman Kharkovsky’s collaboration with Blackmyth brings audiences a totally smooth and dreamlike EDM experience. Delicate synths and samples scatter across the night-sky of audio, creating a blissful sense of optimism and possibility – filling your heart with good energy and calmness. At close to five minutes long this piece really lets you get into it, somehow even still ending far too quickly it seems.

There’s a joyful aura of well-being about the soundscape as it fills out around you, certain subtle riffs and unexpected effects provide the threads of character, though an ongoing, slowly ascending chord progression is undoubtedly what you come to familiarise yourself with. This combination of chords just works beautifully, and the way the music has been crafted and built up around it creates a genuinely uplifting mood that fits perfectly with the underlying concept of a good morning.

Kharkovsky so far has no limits when it comes to creativity and music production. This release showcases a totally different side to the producer and musician, presenting an equally satisfying arrangement of moments but doing so in perhaps a more colourful and easy to escape into manner. This is the sort of music you’d turn to when the noise of the world gets a little too overbearing. It’s far from in your face with its personality and vibrancy – it’s subtle, as stated, and it does what you’d hope for it to do. So much so, in fact, that when the music stops – a great gaping void appears in its place. The silence is far too noisy to take after such a peaceful experience. Fortunately, the next few times you listen sooth the nerves in an instant.

The opening few bars of music create a sunrise sort of vibe that leads beautifully, excitingly into the lightly energizing beat. And things continue to flourish from here on in. Absolutely worth a download for the summer months ahead.

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