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BlacKlout Handstand


Hawaii’s BlacKlout offers up a dance-floor smash with his latest track Handstand. Presenting the anthem-like vocal rhythms and references of a hip hop classic, alongside of the rising and falling progression and bounce of an EDM classic, the track walks the line well between accessible pop and late-night alternative escapism.

The chord progression on this single stands out a little more than you’d generally find on the average contemporary hip hop release. That rising and falling progression adds a varied rhythm, it fills the space with colour and musical intention, and actually – you find that this aspect of the soundscape remains fairly constant throughout. What gives the track structure is the increasing intensity of the beat – and indeed the various sections offered up by the vocalists.

There’s more than enough going on to keep the track moving and evolving throughout – different flows, different moments of humor and entertainment. The beat grows to be more and more impressive as the track progresses, but above all else the whole thing leaves its mark fairly quickly. It’s a simple concept, a simple hook, and the track has been performed and produced in a relevant and effective way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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