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BlackLight Welcome to the Party (Original Mix)


Explosive summer vibes from the one and only BlackLight emerge this season, in the form of the nostalgically intense and energizing Welcome To The Party.

Every bit as high-octane and late-night gritty as the name implies, Welcome To The Party showcases the very best of BlackLight’s unique and masterful approach to Tech House and Electronic Dance Music in general.

Featuring fast-paced rhythms, distorted bass and synth riffs with lashings of fuzzy overtones, as well as fragments of voice both melodic and spoken, the track has the vibe of an early 2000’s rave. Looping relentlessly across four and a half minutes of playtime, it captures the moment perfectly well, filling the space with just the right chemistry between layers, and offering those essential fragments of humanity in the rap thread and repeating vocal hook.

The hardcore dance-floor veteran can escape into the hypnotic embrace of the beat, whilst the more melodically inclined music fan can tune into and connect with that recurrent celebratory vocal inflection. A winning combination.

During the final moments we get a switch to the simplicity of tribal rhythms, subtle yet effective in depicting an evolution, and still that authentic energy maintains the inclusive presence of Welcome To The Party.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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