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BlackLight Salsa!


Respectfully paying tribute to precisely the origins of rhythm and melody implied by its title, BlackLight kicks up a sensational groove, for the addictively uplifting Salsa!

Electronic music producer, songwriter and performer Carl Davis – BlackLight – has been making original tracks out of Omaha, Nebraska for some time now, each release further securing his role as one of the most versatile, skillful and audience-aware creatives of the current instrumental scene.

Forever incorporating an undeniable love for positivity and good vibes, the single Salsa! perfectly encapsulates his authenticity of production, fusing a clear love for the process with an unrivaled ability to bring high-octane dance to the forefront of a plethora of other genres.

Featuring organic samples of crowd enthusiasm and world-music vocal snippets, along with the instantly familiar hand-drum lead and an infectiously joyful chord pattern and melody, Salsa! feels all at once comfortingly familiar, and refreshingly upbeat.

It’s an exciting sidestep away from previous releases but no less brilliant by design in capturing the simplicity of the overall style by way of complex, precise and powerful sound-design. Turn this summer-ready mood-setter up loud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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