Black Chainz - Draya - Stereo Stickman

Black Chainz Draya


Crisp production skilfully aligns delicate synths and a heavy bass-line, to back up the lyrical repeat and poetic introduction to Draya.

Leading with clarity of voice amidst a decidedly dreamlike soundscape, Black Chainz keeps things simple and hypnotic on this track – the lyrics remain minimal yet the voice roams at the forefront; with a subtle, breathy delivery that’s rhythmically addictive by nature.

The vast majority of the track stands tall on this hook, the music brightens and evolves throughout, and meanwhile that vocal repeat feels like the main structure and focus of the performance – ‘Let me tell you things…’

Every once in a while we get a contemporary verse, short lines that feel recognisable and help keep things moving, adding dynamic and holding your attention.

The whole thing has a certain humble, calming vibe to it. Not dependent on quirks or volumes to grab attention, just riding the natural energy of the beat and making sure the voice and overall arrangement hold close to this comforting, colourful and entrancing core.

Really well-crafted, a refreshing take on contemporary genre-blending, with a notably poetic, personal and honest backbone to it conceptually.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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