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Björn Donath Glow


The creative master of the eight-string Björn Donath returns to recapture attention this month, taking on a composition that’s implicitly soulful and distinctly dramatic in its use of distortion and mellow but rising anticipation.

Glow provides the now recognisable style of electric guitar and atmospheric to intense production that we’ve come to connect with Björn Donath, but also delves into a whole new style of journey for its exceedingly intimate introduction, simple yet striking riffs, and the use of contrast between this and the more commonly placed moments of sheer speed in navigating the fretboard.

Backed by another fireside set of visuals, juxtaposition is a crucial aspect of the artistry of Björn Donath. The music presents an ambient to heavy metal arrangement but at a surprisingly mellow, cinematic tempo, the scene feels arena-ready and boldly passionate, yet the setting is calm, collected, ready to relax. The whole thing utilises polar opposites to captivate its audience, and the result is a rather perfectly timed three-plus minutes of expressive and modestly evolving emotion.

Always purposeful as a guitarist and composer, Björn Donath’s approach continues to prove refreshing and honest within the current landscape of internet guitarists. The music has intention, the melody has a story and sentiments deeply rooted within it, and still the arrangement manages to impress – whilst providing that essential escapism we’ve come to expect from Donath. His repertoire is swiftly becoming an unmissable and timeless instrumental must.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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