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Birds Over Arkansas Sunflower


Introducing an unmissable gem from the wonderful Birds Over Arkansas, a single that naturally headed straight into the weekly playlist, Sunflower leads with the blissful purity of acoustic guitar and softly presented, intimate and honest vocals.

Poetic as ever, Sunflower makes its intentions known from the outset, before building up beautifully, aptly blossoming even, into a warm Americana offering of multiple layers of organic instrumentation.

Wonderfully structured, the song has a genuinely original layout – each melodic section feels fresh, unpredictable yet satisfying, and with this we get an effective use of contrast between moments of fullness and those of a more stripped-back, nearly whispered output. And all of this is reflected in the lyrics – a story that evolves into one of humanity, uncertainty, realness.

Deeply personal yet accessible in its imagery and broadly relevant subject matter, Sunflower promises the embrace of finely crafted escapism – a focused hit of songwriting and faultless musicianship, all gentle yet emotive in delivery.

The mind wanders, the body calms, and the song proves increasingly moving as it meanders throughout a sweet and inspiring four-minute thirty-nine.

The final section is quite stunning, the simple echoed repeats of this central, summarising idea, with a hypnotic presence that urges you to witness a live performance.

Wonderful – perhaps their best yet, but at the very least a strong reminder of the Birds Over Arkansas creative reach.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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