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Birds Over Arkansas Forgotten Lights


The music of Birds Over Arkansas is, as a rule perhaps, absolutely stunning. They describe it as Americana, but all genres and terminologies aside – it’s just beautiful, in every way; an incredible creation of music from a superbly talented trio. They’re a band based in Philadelphia. Forgotten Lights was our introduction to them, and first impressions don’t get much better.

I felt a great sense of peace, even relief, when I first heard Forgotten Lights. The musical simplicity of it was baffling, as it really hits hard, both emotionally, and just in generally how damn good it is. There’s no black and white as to why a song like this should work so well, but the mystery is undoubtedly a part of the very clear and immense level of skill the band have as musicians, not to mention their vocal ability; in it’s gentleness, it’s harmonious, almost whispering expression, and then there is that unique ability they have to tell what is seemingly a very personal story, yet at the same time makes you drift off and think about one of your own. The true magic of music is reignited with this song, and it’s a magic we could all use a little reminder of right about now.

A timeless piece of music with some really gorgeous lyrics. I love the infrequent but hypnotising flicks of the solo guitar, and I absolutely adore the way chorus kicks in, and the way it very suddenly stops to take you back to the verse. They stop playing, we stop being distracted by the world, and that wonderful effect occurs that lets you really escape and consider existence, and your role within it.

“If you can rise up with your anger, you can come down in your own time..”

That’s the truly wonderful thing about the lyrics of this song, they completely stopped me in my tracks. I had to listen again, read them over and over; it’s like poetry fused with inspirational quotes, but all just in a song.

The build up and hectic atmosphere created as the song comes to a close is still that peaceful and lush sounding ambience you hear throughout, just with an edge of something manic, an air of the fast approaching end. A really beautiful touch, extremely creative, and pretty inspiring, to be honest. Song writing as the ability to take an entirely blank canvas, no preconceptions or rules, and create something wonderful, as a team. It’s amazing, and beautiful; really great music. We’re entirely hooked.

Find Birds Over Arkansas on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. Listen to Forgotten Lights by clicking here, and be sure to stay tuned for up coming live shows and new releases. Don’t miss out.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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