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Billy Dechand Innocent Sin


Innocent Sin is an immense, sixteen track album recently released by St Louis based artist Billy Dechand. It opens with the title track, and the music has a smooth and cool feeling, a jazz-rock kind of vibe to it. It almost feels like Bond theme at times, the vocal performance is soft and stylish, and the experimental nature of the instrumentation helps hold on to your attention throughout.

After this, the project kicks softly but suddenly into the song Hungry For More, and it’s entirely unexpected, almost acoustic sounding – really beautiful, really happy, joyfully melodic. The music is broken down from full speed ahead to gentle and almost vulnerable at times, with the vocal remaining – the thread that keeps the whole thing feeling familiar yet fresh.

It’s a brand new voice, but even just by track two, and ever more so by track three – you recognize Billy Dechand’s voice, his style of singing, his presentation of lyrics. It stands out and really helps makes this the unique record that it is, plus the fact that it is loaded to the brim with musical skill, creative song writing, song crafting, and effective experimentation.

Tracks like When The Satellites Drop add a dark and mysterious edge to the album, and by the time you’ve heard the whole project it’s clear; Billy Dechand has a mind full of ideas, concepts, lyrics and melodies. Not a single song is wasted – no filler, nothing that disappoints. On top of this, he has the kind of voice that is instantly likable; he’s creative, he seems fun, thoughtful, trustworthy, and generally quite interesting. That’s pretty much everything you want from a musical artist.

Really great music, filled with intriguing and unexpected lyrical beauties, and stacked high with fresh and catchy melodies and musical interludes. The roles he takes on within the songs are hugely entertaining, and the whole project is loaded with surprises and hearty little moments..

“I’m so fucking authentic, I’ve got my own cat food commercial.”

See for yourself. Definitely check out the video for When The Satellites Drop – “When the sky is blue they can see you.. You can’t see them.” Billy Dechand is an artist from Missouri, US. Click the link here to find out a bit more about him and to grab your copy of the album, and head over to his Website to witness a whole host of music, videos, and general entertainment.

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