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Big Joe Kennedy Amalgamation


Jazz and Blues pianist, author and entertainer Big Joe Kennedy announces the launch of his latest album Amalgamation – a good-vibes set of colourful classics, with smooth vocals and full-band arrangements designed to uplift.

Born in the Midwest but noting a decade immersed in the live scenes of New Orleans, Big Joe Kennedy’s uniquely genre-fusing sound has helped him carve out an unrivaled name within the live Jazz and Blues realm.

Backed by multiple degrees in music and a plethora of collaborative albums, Joe’s devotion allows his style to engage and entertain in the purest of ways. The new project showcases that quality in a humble and heartfelt manner.

Releasing January 1, 2024, Amalgamation features 11 live recordings of unexpected hits, each diverse yet well-rooted amidst evocative songwriting and the pure joy of playing.

From the soulful groove and hook of Messin’ With the Kid, through the quirky horns, rhythms and storytelling of Working in The Coal Mine, the album is quick to appeal. Weave in the likes of an infectiously energetic Fidgety Feet, and the contrastingly smooth piano-hi-hat embrace of They Can’t Take That Away From Me, and Amalgamation is an easy must for the year ahead.

Renowned across the US for his skilled musicianship, Big Joe Kennedy notes twenty years of career experience, all culminating in his now resident status in the birthplace of Jazz, and the release of the organic and immersive Amalgamation.

Find Big Joe Kennedy on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & his Website.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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