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BIANCA 7 Rings (Ariana Grande Cover)


Singer Bianca takes on Ariana Grande’s recent hit 7 Rings and offers up a fully mastered track and video for the cover that pays a fitting tribute to the pop star.

Bianca’s version of the song holds fairly close to the original, perhaps giving off a slightly more mellow delivery on occasion. The leading voice is the clear difference, Bianca’s deeper and perhaps more pop than RnB style presentation offers a brightness and strength that takes the song down a slightly different avenue, and helps present the singer as her own artist. Ariana, in contrast, leads with a softly raspy, alt-RnB kind of vibe that’s undoubtedly hers.

In terms of the finished product, everything is crisp and finely tuned, including the various scenes of the video. Bianca puts in an easily capable performance and a slightly different series of scenes to give fans of the song an alternative few minutes of entertainment. As an artist, the cover shows an ability to adapt and to embrace the moment and the music to the fullest. With future releases hopefully that sense of character will come through, and this single could well be a foot in the door and an introduction to the sound and the artistic mind-set that gets listeners coming back for more. At the same time, as suggested, this is an impressive ode to a well-known star who undoubtedly paves her own way within the industry at present. Bianca too knows what she wants and is swiftly on her way towards it.

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