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Betweenzone We Got No


Hanover’s Betweenzone build further on their memorable repertoire with this infectiously energizing, pop-rock anthem We Got No.

An immediately recognizable band name, image and even musicality, Betweenzone are always an act worth taking the time out for, and this single is far from the exception. Turn this one up loud and these nostalgic yet cleverly relevant, subtly topical vibes pour through in a quickly immersive way.

Brilliant vocals guide us through this partly electronic soundscape and eighties rhythmic backdrop with character and striking short lines. We Got No is as poetic as it is ambient, and this makes for a blissful hit of well-crafted, all-round escapism.

The build-up and progression is enjoyable enough in itself – the production is superb, allowing you to really lose yourself in the loud volume and warmth of the completed piece. In addition though, the hook is incredibly catchy – this call-and-response dynamic naturally invites participation.

Back this up with an equally simple yet on point, emotive and engaging guitar solo, and some captivating dance-moves from the accompanying visuals, and the whole thing just calls out for a live show experience. Really nicely done – a personal favorite from the summer so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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