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Betweenzone May Queen


Catchy synths reverberate for a disarming opening moment, before distorted warmth and rhythm present a wholly encompassing groove. Hannover’s Betweenzone always bring the professionalism and reliability to modern music, and their latest single is no exception. What’s more, May Queen is a beautifully focused, conceptual pop-rock offering, with an impassioned hook and a distinctly unique tone that resounds as this band’s alone.

Featuring finely crafted basslines and a mildly electronic beat, May Queen connects for its familiar and timeless structure, the melody and set-up, but ultimately enchants listeners with its near euphoric chorus production and indeed the deeply poetic, contemplative nature of the lyrics.

Somewhat vague initially, the story of May Queen intrigues enough to keep you listening, and actually gets you pressing play more than once in a row. The colourful pop-rock presentation allows for easy escapism, but the character and emotion of that leading voice later draws you towards the subject matter, and the band’s addressing of this holds attention well as you try to decipher the tale at hand.

Always interesting, and always impressive yet humble – Betweenzone have mastered their own style, and in the process deliver engaging songwriting and effortlessly recognisable performances. May Queen is an interesting and likable new single, and a pleasant reminder of one of indie’s most genuine acts.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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