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Betweenzone Flower Lady


Betweenzone captivate with ease once again as this beautifully cinematic, conceptually fascinating single emerges.

Featuring a stunning set of visuals to accompany the story-line, Flower Lady adopts a humble groove and brings together warm bass-work, stylish guitar, and smooth indie-pop melodies to build up in a gorgeously immersive fashion.

Superb vocals light up the progression here, the soundscape comforts and embraces, the vocalist injects character and emotion, which in turn furthers that of the story and scenes portrayed.

Easily a personal favourite from an already impressive Betweenzone, Flower Lady introduces some dreamy, hypnotic production traits, yet balances this well with organic purity, and as the seductive visuals slowly draw you in, the music takes a stronger and stronger grip.

Rising into soft-rock territories for the hook, contrast is mastered to the point that each new section offers a euphoric sense of passion and compels you to tune in all the more closely; effectively drowning out the rest of the world for a few short minutes.

Beautifully designed, familiar in structure but originally written and performed, with a fine fusion of intrigue and simple human interest at its core. And this is still just a fragment of what can be anticipated from their upcoming album. Well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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