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Beto Hale Orbs Of Light


Orbs Of Lights is a song that quite effectively sounds as the title implies; the music and the melody come through with a certain brightness that softly seduces you as the story and the performance progress.

Beto Hale is a songwriter with a unique vision and drive to express. These ideas are refreshingly unexpected, expressed in a way that hasn’t been heard all that often, if at all, but on top of this – the music itself, the structure of the song, the evolution from the opening joy of the hook to the intricate and reflective verses, then back again, is incredibly well crafted. The whole thing comes through as effortlessly professional and wonderfully unusual at the same time.

The instrumentation Beto Hale presents throughout this release has an indie or pop-rock sound to it for the most part. His gentle yet passionate leading voice delivers the melody and the sentiments of the song in a smooth and consistently accessible manner. These references, these snippets of positive energy and hope, remind us of precisely the things in life that matter. The approachable sound of the leading voice helps them to connect with you on a more genuine, deeply human level, and this actually contrasts well with the somewhat other-worldly ambiance of the music and, in particular, the video.

The accompanying video is stunning, the sort that deserves more than a single viewing. As you witness it further, the song itself sinks in more and more, and that melody, that guitar rhythm and riff, soon become incredibly memorable and recognisable. It’s a great song, partly classic or eighties experimental rock, partly something much more indie-folk. It offers a warm and uplifting vibe that creates a lasting appeal likely to draw listeners in to check out more releases from the artist behind it all.

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