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Ben Ferrell Wannabe


Ben Ferrell creates precisely the chilled out vibes we could all use at the end of a long day. Wannabe is a gorgeously mellow jazz-trip-hop track that utilizes a few key ingredients to build something smooth and dreamlike for listeners to escape within.

Where the opening instrumentation is suggestive of an ambient and perhaps lyric-free journey, the vocal that does emerge fits the mood and low-key energy of the track beautifully well. Ferrell’s voice is gentle and presents a series of personal ideas that are easy to connect with. As the vocal melody rises, the change is subtle but soulful – emotion comes into view, which helps make the song mean a little more than a simple ambient loop generally would. At this point, every layer involved works gorgeously towards presenting this seductive groove and this wash of colour that fills the room in a wonderful way.

Rather than needing to introduce some unforgettable or ear-worm-like quality, Ben Ferrell lets the natural strength of the music and of honest expression make the experience worth while. It’s an easy must for the longer term playlist because there’s nothing flashy or fake about it. The musicianship is high quality yet humble, the same goes for the vocals, and all in all the song leaves you with a grand feeling of well-being and optimism.

This balance between the slightly nostalgic jazz-cafe vibes of yesteryear and a songwriting and performance style that feels genuinely free works well to bring a wider audience together to feel the embrace of the music. It makes you excited to hear more from Ferrell, and indeed to check out a live show from him and his band as and when the opportunity might arise.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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