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Ben Brookes Integration (Not Segregation)


This is a pretty incredible song. Taking the very best of effective musical build ups, utilising the passion of heartfelt songwriting and a lust for indie rock instrumentation – Ben Brookes showcases the way to make a hook hit with impact.

This song’s hook has weight, the very first time you hear that rise to the note, that vocal push to make the point and underline the climactic idea of the story, it grabs you. Elsewhere the music has depth and character that makes it simply easy and enjoyable to listen to. Of course there’s a political undertone, and so there should be – the music and the art we make is a direct reaction to the things we experience. We’re all experiencing this wave of political turmoil right now. The great thing about this song is that it touches on the artist’s feelings in a way that isn’t particularly blatant or even notably personal. The opening line offers poetic reflection and a fresh take on things. Perspective is everything, and we all have a different one – it’s important to realise that, to consider other people’s, and to understand that each comes from equally valid experiences that are often out of our hands.

The music sets a somewhat dramatic and even classic scene that evokes emotion in itself and pays tribute to some of the great musical creations from yesteryear. Ben Brooke’s voice has a similar quality, though the second verse brings about a distinct sense of identity and originality, and this is where the whole thing really comes to life. The second time you hear that hook it seals the deal, becoming that anthem, that melodic peak that expresses the frustration and fear that is otherwise ignored or misrepresented. It’s powerful, beautifully performed and genuinely impressive songwriting that I look forward to hearing more of.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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