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Ben Brookes Belcher Place In The Sun


Place In The Sun is the brand new album from artist and songwriter Ben Brookes Belcher. The collection features a broad range of ideas presented in a beautifully mellow, acoustic-Americana sort of way. The softness of the sound and the realness of these thoughts and emotions fuse together brilliantly, the effect is both calming and emotionally thought provoking. The track Roll Over Me is a superb example of this kind of writing and performance style that Ben Brookes Belcher exudes.

Roll Over Me feels like a classic rock ballad that you just haven’t heard before, but even better than this is the genuine touch of humanity embedded within the lyrics, the delicate guitar playing, and the openly heartfelt leading vocal performance. The songwriting is at a brilliantly high level, but really bringing it out further into the spotlight is this realness, this honesty, and this accessible nature of the whole presentation – it makes it really something that hits hard and is likely to be relevant to any number of listeners in any number of different ways.

The song Place In The Sun lifts the energy of the Ben Brookes Belcher’s musical collection a little higher, but is still very much in keeping with the warmth and the poetry of the artist’s style and skill expressed throughout. The poetry is an important thing to mention, there’s a reflective and alternative nature to these words – as mentioned, they reach out to all people, rather than focusing on the individual. There’s nothing too literal about these songs, and that’s where the word accessible comes in – Ben Brookes Belcher writes songs from a place of feeling, but without handcuffing himself to the ideas within. It’s a truly beautiful way to write, and it’s wonderful to listen to. This particular song has the power to take you and your mind somewhere completely removed from your current moment as you listen to the words and the music.

Way Love Goes brings the very melodic and powerful rock ballad sound forwards even further. This song is sensational, the build up and the way in which the music and the vocal performance develops throughout is immense. The strength of the artist’s voice alone is something quite epic in this case – it really emphasises the feeling and the underlying idea of the song. The same goes for every single element involved, the entire few minutes of music has been thoughtfully crafted and specifically catered to reflect the importance of the concept and the true power that these feelings can have over people.

It’s a fantastic piece of music in itself, but it really works well in the context of the recent collection of songs on the whole – the ups and downs will strike much harder this way. Each song has something memorable about it, and once you know the vocal style of the artist and the poetic writing style, the approach quickly becomes familiar and comforting.

Find more music, photos and information over on Ben Brookes Belcher’s Website – you can download the album Place in The Sun via there. You can also follow him on Facebook and Reverbnation to stay updated.

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