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Bela Teqiz and Erold Dunkel DÄMMERUNG


Horror-infused Hip Hop intertwined with fiercely black humor and mindless violence – rappers Bela Teqiz and Erold Dunkel collaborate to ignite an inescapable reaction, for DÄMMERUNG.

Designed to introduce their upcoming Horror album, the visual and audio nightmare that is DÄMMERUNG effectively unsettles and captivates throughout a uniquely produced and powerfully performed arrangement.

Featuring an extensive introduction of distant club energy and vocal flow, the track goes on to weave in a heavy metal set-up of distorted power chords and shorter bars from Bela Teqiz, elevated all the more so by the dark horror scenes of the accompanying video.

The release then shifts gears again at the half-way point, the duo fearlessly showcasing the breadth of their creative approach – the attention to detail and artistry illuminating the sheer intensity and grit of their writing.

Adding to this effect is the clear dynamic between the two vocalists. Erold’s flow throughout the latter half changes the pace entirely, and proves all the more compelling as part of this completed and self-defined ‘deafening’ party music video and single.

Two artists of diverse and distinct styles, joining forces to create a downpour of shock-factor and ferocity – this one is not for the faint of heart. Stream DÄMMERUNG on all platforms.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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