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Beaux Dalton This Property Is Condemned


Following on from the success of his previous single (The Devil’s Girl currently stands at over 10,000 plays on Spotify, thanks in part to a feature in the Sons Of Anarchy playlist), Beaux Dalton’s latest release, the uniquely titled This Property Is Condemnedtakes the form of a slightly more complex and seductively alternatively Americana ballad, and it’s one that further extends Dalton’s reach as an artist.

This song is Dalton’s ode to a hero of his, Nashville musician and songwriter Mike Henderson – the original writer of the track. There’s something of an Eagles vibe to the cover, gently paired-vocals weave much of the melody around you, elsewhere the soulful and softly emotional tone of Dalton’s leading voice seductively whispers the story-line amidst a gorgeously uplifting and reflective, organic soundscape. Beautiful guitar work meets with a somewhat jazz-infused drum line, a focus on the lightness – the hi-hats, the subtle crashes.

Where The Devil’s Girl showcased a gritty side to the songwriter, a heavier rock set-up and a powerful, front-man-inspired leading voice, this newest offering takes the form of something a little less attention grabbing, but far more interesting conceptually, and incredibly captivating in a more humble, sentimentally connected way. There’s a leading piano here, calming strums of the guitar, subtle flickers of electric swagger, and a notably more personal outpouring – the opening verse in particular gets right into the details. Then later, as the hook hits, as those voices meet, this moment offers a passionate peak that hits with immense impact thanks to contrast and the way the song builds up to it. That resolve works perfectly, and contrast again runs within as the line itself speaks of condemnation – the end, the curtain closing.

As a reviewer, it’s easy to point out the strengths of the song – brilliantly relevant and impressive musicianship, soulful performances, plenty of space and room for thought, and superb songwriting on the whole. As a music fan, speaking personally, there’s something consistently satisfying and quite addictive about the fluidity of the song and the ultimate resolve and realization that is the hook. This is absolutely a track I’ll be returning to. Beaux Dalton is undoubtedly one to look out for.

Grab the single as of July 12th. Find & follow Beaux Dalton on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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